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    Acrobat plugin, "external" links - how to open in _blank?


      I understand that the following questions may have been asked numerous times on this and other forums previously. Knowing that software capabilities constantly change with every new release, I wanted to clarify by gaining answers directly to the following questions.


      1. If a PDF document is displayed within the acrobat plugin in any web browser, is it possible to invoke a link within that PDF to open in a new browser window or tab rather than loading in the current window and navigating away from the PDF?
        Is there a cross browser solution for achieving this outcome?
      2. Our workflow for producing PDFs involves Indesign, is there a way we can implement this in the Indesign source by inserting Javascripts?
      3. If the answer to (1) and (2) is "No", are there any alternative options for achieving this?


      Any constructive insights/suggestions are greatly appreciated.