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    Pathetic Customer Service - will not honour CS5 upgrade offer advertised on pack


      Let's recap the facts.


      I bought a copy of CS4 with an on pack free upgrade offer to CS5

      - No expiry date was ever mentionned on the pack for this offer

      - Your 0800 Number was clearly mentionned on the offer pack making you clearly directly in charge of the redemption process regardless of intermediates in NZ ie. your distributor.


      I called shortly after the purchase and in front of the time spent to get in touch with your person and the obscurity of the redemption process I decided to delay and do the upgrade later ...

      Six month later I tried again. Same deal - long time on the phone over 20 minutes every time - I hanged up.


      Determined last year to get this done I did the full monty. Called and spent nearly 40 minutes explaining my case, went online and opened the "online account" then scanned all the docs and uploaded them on the FTP.

      time went by. Then a representative tried to contact me twice, I tried to call back again I gave up several times because of lengthy waiting times on the 0800 number ...

      Finally today I spent 40 minutes again to hear a negative answer "sorry sir we don't do upgrades to CS5 anymore. that offer was closed last year in July.


      1. if there was an "expiry" date for this offer : why was it not mentionned on the pack I purchased ? its not so legally you should be honouring your offer

      2. Your customer service is just plain Pathetic. I should not have to wait so long and you should not be so "administrative" - dealing with you is the worst experience of customer service I have ever had. I think even governmental organisation now felt more reactive.


      Adobe you have a problem and sooner or later this will affect your brand. Friendly advice you should think carefully about this.

      This behaviour defeats all logic of doing business. I am litterally falling off my chair in front of this absurdity.


      Now this wasn't much - All it was is a copy of CS5 not even 5.5 for my partner.

      And yes it was just a student license... maybe you don't care about that target market so much.


      I am shocked about how hard it was talking to you and how inflexible you behaved. Yes sure there are rules but then write them. And if you made a mistake by not writing clear conditions to your offers well then do the right thing. Assume them.