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    why wont adobe digital editions let me download ebooks?


      everytime i try to download an ebook. this is what is tell me.

      Error getting license

      License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER

      what did i do wrong?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I've seen this error pop up for two reasons - maybe more.  The first one

          has to do with the firewall settings on a Windows computer.  The second and

          more common is that the ebook you're trying to download has been downloaded

          under another user's ID.


          In the first situation, the firewall on your computer needs to be set so

          that ADE can interact and download from the ebook sites.  Sometimes, the

          firewall is set to deny access.  I can't be more specific than that because

          I don't know anything about your computer setup.  If it's a MAC, then this

          situation is probably not relevant.


          In the second situation, once an ebook is downloaded under another ID,

          you're stuck.  Someone else may have a technical solution, but it will be

          dependent also on your computer enviornment.


          It's easy to mess up - sometimes it's hard to fix.