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    Refresh swf or empty cashed info


      This question is regarding a swf file for flash player only (no html is involved). I’m trying to make a “application” in flash cs4.  On a local computer a file is running (ews.swf). Inside this .swf, I am loading a file called warning.swf which is placed on an external server.


      I am loading this file as followed; loadMovieNum(“http://www.......com/Warning.swf", 3); this file gives the “viewer” the possibility to get live warnings regarding weather information (weather threats). The file get the command to reload by using the following command; unloadMovieNum(3); and load again as mentioned above.

      However, this file get cashed. How can a create a refresh (flash player only) in order the viewer don’t need to restart the application to see the updated info in this Warning.swf?


      Can anyone pls help me?