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    Split Repousse Meshes not working

    HugoM-01 Level 1

      The Adobe help page says normally in repousse, 5 meshes are created. Well I made a simple box in repousse and tried splitting the meshes and I keep getting a "Could not complete the Split Repousse Meshes command because a command was not available." It works on text, but not a box. Really confused why this would be happening. Any known solution to getting meshes to split?

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          You should probably read that page again. It says basically for every closed path a single mesh is created with five materials.

          So if you drew a square closed path and went to repousse only one mesh is created.


          If you have text with more than one letter then one mesh is created, but you can seperate each letter into a mesh because i guess each letter is a closed path.


          For example if you draw two rectangles on a shape layer (not overlapping) then go to repousse>selected path, you'll get one mesh, but you can split the shapes

          into seperate meshes because they are each a closed path and then one can move the shapes independently from one another.


          after repousse:






          after split repousse meshes:






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            HugoM-01 Level 1

            Oh, I see what I misunderstood now. It's not the solution I was looking for. I was looking for a way to somehow separate materials so each face on that cube could be edited individually. It's kind of like the command that generates a cube, but only I'd have contorl over any of the sides first through repousee.


            It's partially because of what I think is a texturing error in the program. In the Repousee, the extrusion texture appears correctly, but after exiting the window, it textures completely differently making it nearly impossible to texture correctly.

            For those cubes, did you use a square pattern with 4 squares?