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    Installing Adobe Flash Player for windows vista 64 bit


      Yesterday I spent hours reading your forum, reading microsoft, going on youtube, and all of your computer experts are giving people the wrong information,  I kept seeing that message Adobe Flashplayer does not support windows vista

      64 bit or XP.  I finally figured it all out and intstalled it on my Sony Windows Vista 64 bit system.

      Please update your website and tell all these people to install a new version of internet exployer 9 not the beta version.  Also they must disable their security software or the version 9 will not install.  Once installing verstion 9 they will

      have to go to a link I found on your website for installing Adobe 11 with explorer 9.  I found this information on youtube and tried it.  I can finally view cnn videos which worked fine until yesterday.

      Your whole website is a mess with wrong information for adobe customers.  Maybe this is why that microsoft guy wanted to get rid of you.  At any rate, I am taking this time to save everyone a huge headache searching for a solution.