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    Pixel Bender 2.1 hotfix files gone from Adobe server

    insert_cute_name_here Level 1

      I'm trying to install PB Toolkit 2.5 on Windows. I have 2.1 installed. I go to



      Before installing PB 2.5 Toolkit, I'm told to "follow the steps in the Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.1 Installer Fix Readme"

      Clicking this link yields:

      "The requested URL /pub/labs/pixelbender/pixelbender_2.1_installer_fix_readme.pdf was not found on this server."

      Same for the hotfix installers, both Windows and Mac. These files don't seem to be anywhere else on the net, either.


      If anyone knows where these files can now be found, please let me know.

      PB 2.1 Toolkit has some showstopping bugs that I have just come up against, and hitting dead links at this point is just making me sadder.


      Thanks for any help!