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    Updating image sources - scale problem.

    seagulldesigner Level 1

      Hi everyone, found out that FC could do something incredible today - you can update the image source of any images in your project to update them.


      Sadly though, I can't seem to get it to scale the images down, despite the fact there's a 'scale: stretch' menu below it. Seriously, it doesn't matter if I've I've got the scale set to 'stretch' 'tiled' or 'none', whenever I replace, the image is GIGANTIC or tiny, and what I want is for Flash Catalyst to conserve the previous image dimensions and constrain or stretch the new image to those dimensions accordingly.  I would have thought 'stretch' would have done this, but it seems to do nothing?


      Is there a plug in or something? It'll save me a lot of time! Thanks (using 5.5 trial by the way)