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    Import a class from a SWC into my source code


      Hi all --


      I'm a long-time Flash developer, relatively new to Flex.  I am using FlashBuilder 4.6.


      I have XMPCore.swc from Adobe, which I have added to my project in the libs/ directory.  It shows up in Project->Properties->Flex Builder Path->Library Path->Libs.


      XMPCore defines several classes, such as XMPMeta.


      In my source code, I want to be able to do


         var xmp:XMPMeta = new XMPMeta(...)


      but when I type that I get an orange error indicator, and when I compile I get a red error indicator stating that "Type was not found".  Just as a stab in the dark, I tried adding


      import XMPCore




      import XMPCore.XMPMeta


      at the top of the file, but that gave error messages as well.


      I'm sure this is explained neatly somewhere, but I've spent several hours reading documentation and googling and I can't find that somewhere! 


      Any help greatly appreciated!  My project file is at