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    Exporting 1080p 50fps increases bitrate


      Hi all,

      I've a sony nex7 in pal land.

      For some reason, when i export a 50p hd avchd clip from the timeline, the bitrate goes from the source value of around 25mbps to over 50mbps

      I select to export using the same as project settings feature as i can not find any other export presets to limit the bitrate in 50p.

      My problem here is that my blu ray player is limited to about 30mbps and more data rate causes an error when trying to play.

      Any help much appreciated.


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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Best is not to use match  sequence settings.

          Use a preset or set everything manually.

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            SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

            Do not use "Same as Project" or "Same as Source" settings - you need to export to a Blu-ray compatible file. Choose either an "MPEG-2 for Blu-ray" or "H.264 for Blu-ray" format and then a preset that matches your footage (for instance 1920x1080i 29.97).


            You will be able to set the data rate in the Export settings under the VIDEO tab.


            Jeff Pulera

            Safe Harbor Computers

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              gearo Level 1

              Thanks for this.

              The blu ray settings do not provide for 60 p.

              I believe pp will import the 60p into a 25 p project but still export the file as 60p.

              This is not working for me together with concerns of loss of quality.

              I can create a avchd 25p project but again output goes to the 30p.

              I is interesting that when working with the 25p project that expots do not change much regards the bitrate output

              Why does pp boost the output bitrate so much when i use the 60p avchd preset,

              As you suggest, there appears only other way is to use template where i can adjust bitrate.

              Again..a bit concerned re conversion losses.

              Having said this...next problem is that my samsung bd6500 doesnt like the blu ray exported files

              or higher mpeg bitrates than abt 30


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                gearo Level 1


                thanks for response.

                There is no way to bring up AVCHD 60p presets, only 25p in the mpegs.

                I'm not sure if this is causing re encode problems with the original source material as it doesn't look all that good.

                Even to do this, i must set the export to using the sequence settings output as there is no way to get the "mpeg preview" encode option for export manually.

                The other export manual settings are as pointed out by Safeharbor relate blu ray, where my samsung blu ray player drops the ball. (tried changing file types etc but again do not wish to further reencode)

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  The blu ray settings do not provide for 60 p.


                  That's because Blu-ray cannot hold 1080p/60.  At 1080, you're limited to 30i or 24p.


                  If you want 60p, it has to be 1280 x 720.