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    Link multiple projects to a single CSS?


      Can I link a project to a css instead of placing it in each of 11 projects? I would like to point the projects to the single css instead of updating each css every time I make changes. (The css and the dotx are still under construction, so this procedure, besides being time consuming, is extremely frustrating as the css seems always to be out of sync.)


      I tried creating a master page, but as close as I can tell RH still adds the css to the individual projects. Wouldn't I still have to update the master pages?


      Thanks, community, for so much help recently.

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          Anjaneai Srivastava Adobe Employee



          I am afraid, doing this might not fulfil your need. becuase, yes, you my create an External CSS and use an Href to refer that to each project topics. But eventually as soon as you save it, a Copy of the CSS would be placed inside the project folder and it would be used.


          If you do a common update, it might not get reflected there. Similarly, you can define a master page and refer it in the same way.




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