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    Please help me solve this CS5 issue - I am a first time poster, but long time user

    lauren of oregon

      While in the middle of producing a rather large website, I get this error every time I open a file in Dreamweaver CS5 and I cannot preview file using the "Preview/Debug in browser" button.


      ---- While executing onLoad in_onOpen.htm, the following JavaScript error(s) occurred. In file "_onOpen": onOpen is not defined ------

      In addition, Dreamweaver will not let me use/choose/open the file. Browser preferences keep resetting.


      I went on the other forums and the solution points to removal of

           <user>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS5/en_US/Configuration/MacFileCache-XXXXXXX.dat

      file is suggested, but I have not such file on my Mac OS X Version 10.7.3. I get as far as Library/Application Support/Adobe.

      In fact I don't even see Dreamweaver on the list. (see attached.)

      libraryFile.gifThanks for any guidance - Lauren