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    Batch export grouped items as jpeg?


      Hi there-


      We have decided that it's time to switch to InDesign; we're paying for it as part of CS4 anyway (we will be upgrading when the next update is announced), and Quark just isn't doing what we need anymore. We're trying to take care of a few things before just jumping in, and I've found an issue with one of our tasks.


      Our files are made up of anywhere from 5-15 individual ads, which are printed in a strip. Each of those individual ads needs to be exported as a jpeg so that it can be placed on our company's website. In Quark, we would run Gluon's XPress Image Pro, and it would find each grouped object and export it, but Gluon does not offer an ID version of this software. I'm hoping this is because there is some nifty little built-in trick that ID will do for me, but if that's not the case, if anyone could point me to a plug-in that is comparable to XIP, you would seriously make my day.