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    3D Features Not Appearing in CS4 Extended

    Vector Matt

      Hi -


      I have a license for Photoshop CS4 Extended (Windows) and for some reason whenever I install it the software appears to be installing as regular non-Extended CS4.  At least, the 3D menu items don't appear, and when I go to "About Photoshop" it doesn't say extended.


      Before you ask the obvious question, yes -- I have double-and triple-checked that my serial number and license are for the Extended version.  It says it right there on the package, on the CD, and on the sticker with the Serail Number.


      So what gives?  I'm pretty sure this was working before -- I had to wipe my machine and reinstall everything recently, and now it's not showing up.  Is there something else I need to do when installing?  Is there some hidden option I need to turn on?


      Please help!





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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          If it's a serial number issue there's only one recourse:  Call Adobe support.


          But double check to make sure your display driver is providing the proper features:  Go into Edit - Preferences - Performance, and double check that Photoshop is showing OpenGL enabled.  If it isn't, but your hardware should support it, then you'll want to go visit the web site of the maker of your video card and download and install the latest display driver*.


          *Note:  ATI's Catalyst 12.1 driver doesn't work well with Photoshop CS5 - I don't know if it will have the same problems with Photoshop CS4, but if you have an ATI video card I suggest going to Catalyst 11.7 specifically instead of the very latest.



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            Level 7

            If it doesn't say extended in the splash screen, then your serial number is for standard and not extended.

            Please contact Adobe Customer Support and work with them to determine what is going wrong with your serial number.