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    Noob question. Please help!

      Hi there. Wondering if you guys can help. Downloaded demo of Director 11 and it looks cool!

      I need to create a 3d simulation of a radiotherapy machine. It will be a simple set of 3d models which simulate the treatment bed and the machine itself. I need parent-child relationships that allow me to move bits of the machine around (move the bed up, rotate the machine 90 degrees etc). Different bits of the machine need to rotate round specified rotation points. I also need a camera that can move freely round the whole machine and view it from any angle.

      Is it possible to do this in Director? and a 3d modelling package (preferably not a mega expensive one).
      How do you define the names and relationships in the scene graph ina modelling package (say 3ds max)!

      I'm sorry if I'm being lazy. I really need to do this by mid June and have been playing with the Blender Game Engine which gets me close, but not quite there. If someone tells me it can be done I'll get the apps, books, whatever and get on to it.

      Many thanks ...
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          Brian Stew Level 2
          I've done similar things at least conceptually, and it works well, i.e. you don't need to be neither a 3D expert nor Lingo expert to do it.
          I used Cinema4d. There is a basic version available which will do all you need here I think (support for HDRI, caustics etc. etc. is irrelevant for this purpose anyway), and the price point is way below Max. C4d is a favourite among many multimedia developers who do not devote themselves 100% to 3D developement.
          The parent/child relationship is taken care of in the 3D app. If you name your top level object "machine", the bed object "bed" and so on (inluding "camera1", "camera2"...), it's very easy to access these in Lingo with simple and logical dot-notation like
          my3Dscene.machine.bed.y = my3Dscene.machine.bed.y + 10
          to make the 'bed' object rise ten units and so on.
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            ninjagaiden2110 Level 1
            Thanks very much Mikromidas!

            Sounds like following the scene graph hierarchy should be very straightforward. I'll give it a try...