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    Setting the default size.


      Currently I import raw images to my desktop, view in Bridge, make adjustments in Raw then batch process within photoshop, into JPG's.

      The jpg resolution is always 240 pixels/inch

      How can I manually change the default image size??

      Where in my work flow should this be set?

      In Photoshop, Raw image converter or bridge?

      I am using CS 4.


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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Forget about image size and just think about your image's pixel dimensions.   If I am going to print I don't resize at all, but if I will be uploading to flickr, then I go for 1200 pixels wide for landscape mode, and 1000 pixels high for portrait mode.


          If you are going to print from Photoshop, then open the Image size dialogue box; uncheck Resize image and set the size you'd like it to print.  But don't throw away pixels.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            I agree with Trevor - think primarily about pixel count not ppi, but if you DO want to change the ppi metadata that Camera Raw delivers to make things more convenient, you can click the link at the bottom center of the dialog.  From there you will be able to set the ppi, and the settings you make there "stick" for all further conversions.







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              cjphoto777 Level 1

              Hi Trevor,

              Thanks for your response.

              These are images I'm providing to clients on a DVD.

              Occasionally I have a request to specifically  set the DPI to 300.

              When I provide 100's of images,I don't want to open each one individually and reset so  was looking for a way to default the images automatically.

              Thanks again .

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                cjphoto777 Level 1


                That is exactly what i was looking for.

                Thank you.


                I'll probably post this question seperately but I am trying to figure out a way to remove all metadata from my photos so when my client receives images, they do not have access to the camera details. IE: shutter speed, F stop etc.

                I was told that i should go the route of File -- Save for web and devices.
                That works but defaults my  images to 72 PPI.

                Is there a way to remove all metadata and not have the images  default to 72 PPI?


                To put in another way..

                How can I remove metadata and keep images at 300 DPI?



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                  D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Copy and paste into a new file at 300ppi will do it. But there is special software for editing metadata.


                  Actually, Save For Web doesn't change resolution to 72 - what it does is to strip resolution metadata altogether. Photoshop just assigns 72 when reopening because it has to assign something. Other software might assign a different value.