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    Error Message Prevents Install of Flash Player


      I have a Dell Studio 1737 Laptop with: Windows 7 64 bit OS, Intel Core2 Duo P8400 @ 2.26 GHz  2.27Ghz, RAM 4.0G.


      Trying to install the latest version of Flash Player. The download is smooth. When the installation hits 50% - 51% a message appears saying: "The Flash Player Settings Manager is currently open. Please close the Flash Player Settings Manager and try again." The only Flash Player Settings Manager I have found is an icon located in the Control Panel as "lash player 32-bit". WhenI click on that icon, the settings manager opens. However there is no provision for "closing" it other than the "X" in the red box at the top right corner of the settings manager window.


      I have used the Adobe Uninstall program and uninstalled Flash Player. And then tried to download and install again with exactly the same results as explained above. I have tried many, many times with the same result.


      The user forum has a post on this problem for Flash Player v 10.3, it says to go to C:\windows\system 32  and find FlashPlayerCPLAPP.cpl, then delete it and retry the install. I looked in C:\windows/system32 and the specified file is not there, needless to say I cannot delete it.


      I also looked for Shockwave in the manage add-ons list and it is not there.


      Bottom line: I have no version of Flash Player installed on my laptop and am not able to install the program.


      Any ideas? Many thanks in advance for any and all help!