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    Image caching


      I'm trying to determine if Flex/AIR does any local caching of content retrieved from remote sites. Specifically I need to know if images retrieved from a remote site by the AIR application are cached anywhere on the user's local machine, and if so, where they are cached. We have an application where security is a very high priority and I need to know if local copies of images are being made, and if so, try to determine a way to make sure that the cache is purged.


      If it helps, we're currently using version 3.4 of the Flex SDK, and version 2.6 of the AIR SDK. We have clients running the apps in all kinds of environments, so we don't really know the version of the AIR runtime that they are running in, but I'm curious of that makes difference as far as whatever caching is done?


      Thanks in advance if anyone can shed some light on this!!