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    XML: Tagging cells for .indd styles, works but not.

    Angusdog Level 1

      Okay, I'm getting there on my project. Next issue:


      I have the XML import working well. It formats the tables correctly and applies the table and cell styles.


      But although the cell style looks like it works (and shows as selected on the cell style panel/palette), the style isn't applied. Clicking on the already applied style makes the style appear correctly.


      This has me beat. There's a style for the rightmost cell which is formatted exactly the same (but with GroupRight instead of GroupLeft as a style name) and frustratingly it works perfectly.


      The pic attached shows the issue. The top half is as the XML is imported and styles applied automatically. The bottom half shows after clicking on the cell styles panel to 're-apply' the style.



      When the style is applied, it should have the black line down the right hand side of the cell. (You can see the insertion cursor in the cell contents).



      Any clues? And as always, thanks in advance.

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          Angusdog Level 1

          Nobody? Okay, having played around with it, it appears the order (from left to right in the table) affects how the table is rendered. Ish. Not sure. But if I change the cell styles so that no cell has a stroke applied to its right hand side, it seems to work. The fact that a cell has a stroke on its RHS and then the cell to its right applies a stroke of none seems to override the original cell's stroke. Which sort of makes sense I guess.


          NB This reply is only for completeness should anyone else search for a solution to this problem.

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