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    When to credit the color palette author?


      I am new to the site, read the adobe terms etc and still not sure about this so I'm asking,


      I create personal and professional web sites (developer skills only) and the kuler site has great color palettes, esp. for color-challenged like me. Anyway, can i use the hex colors from the palettes in personal and professional sites? and if so is giving credit to the creator required? If required, how do I do that? Can I use small, readable print in the welcome page footer? or burried deeper in the site? or in hidden code?


      I have no problem giving credit but want to know if its required and how?



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          David__B Adobe Employee



          For any color themes that have been shared publically with the community, I'm unaware of any requirements regarding crediting the author once shared. That being said, I can't imagine most creators minding if you gave them credit on a website in whatever way you felt so inclined to do so.


          Hope that helps,