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    Export Lossless after Warp Stabalizer Image Stabalization

    Dozerbeatz Level 1

      I apply the image stabilization, then I want to render and reimport for color correction and other. For faster performance, because of the

      nature of the Image Stabilazation process, makes it slow of course.

      The source file is recorded with a Helmet Cam Replay XD 1080(HD Model) .mov


      I basically want to export the video with just the "warp stabilizer", with option of reimport

      However, lossless at default is showing output as AVI..

      I know how to change the setting of the format.

      However, I saw a video where when the guy did it, it kept the .mov format, and he did not have to set it from .avi.

      And either way I go, the resulting file size is rather large.

      Is that normal?