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    Using .FLV assets instead of AVI or QT in Director projects

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      I made this cool CD-ROM app in Director MX a few years ago and now I want to put it as part of my online portfolio. However, I dont want to convert the whole thing to Flash because that would require converting all my Lingo programming to ActionScript etc. But I would like to instead publish it as a reasonably sized Shockwave app. The app is a video player, like a projection room. The reason it's on CD is that the movies played total approx 100MB. I would like to know how one would proceed to make it web friendly. I'm assuming I would convert the video assets to the .FLV format...but then what? From what I have read, Director will not recognize this format....Any tips, advice, or feedback?
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          The first thing that you need to consider is whether or not this project
          will work well on the web. If you have to make a bunch of compromises to
          get it working on the web, then it may not represent you well.

          That said, you can use FLVs in Director MX 2004 with the latest updates.
          However, you can't stream the FLVs, you have to encapsulate each one in
          an SWF and then use the SWF. So if its the streaming that you're after,
          you may want to use QT instead. You can stream that.

          Regardless of the video media that you use, you need to be sure that you
          aren't taking a smooth CD based experience and turning it into a click
          and wait, click and wait, less than elegant web experience. If you want
          to showcase your video capabilities then you may want to build a web
          specific tool. Or, you may want to let site visitors request a CD to be
          mailed to them.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert