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    Issue with Thai language font


      I am using Indesign CS5 server and my programming language is VB.NET.


      I had tried with Tahoma font for THAI language and there were problems with the text even after setting Kerning value to Metrics.


      Please see my requirement in the image below. I would require something like the one given in second part of the image. I had used Courier Thai in this case.




      Does anyone have any idea which font suits good for Thai language...


      Please suggest if there is any Verdana font for Thai language.


      Thanks in advance..!!

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          M Blackburn Level 3

          I can't give much help, I can't set Thai at all on my system and frankly don't know much about how to get to work. As far as I got was this article : http://www.thomasphinney.com/2009/01/adobe-world-ready-composer/


          There are only a couple of users in this forum that have expressed knowledge of and experience using Thai, but I do know a bit of the language and can read Lao which is very similar. So I would suggest you clarify your concerns while you wait for some proper help.


          To me, the vowel under, and the accent above, the fourth consonant are off-centre to the right, but I don't see any difference between the top and bottom images. (Besides that in the highlighted area the bottom image uses a smaller, non bold font, which letter spaces according to the bold face and is therefore much too spaced out, almost disassociating the final vowel with its consonant). What the red lines are supposed to show?

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            Joel Cherney Level 5

            I'm in pretty much the same boat - I know far more about Lao than I do about Thai. However, I can tell you that:


            1) Turning on the World-Ready Composer should fix your tone-mark-placement issues, depending on the quality of the font.

            2) Verdana has no Thai glyphs

            3) Verdana is optimized for on-screen use, not for print.

            4) Since you're using vb.NET we know you're a Windows user. Microsoft comes witih a bunch of fonts with Thai support, surely one of them is a good screen font.

            5) Hey, wait! Tahoma has Thai support, and is a halfway-decent screen font.

            6) But it's not composing correctly because you don't have the World-Ready Composer turned on.

            7) I must confess that I don't know why "Courier Thai" is composing correctly; I suspect that it's full of hacky little tricks to make the tone marks compose correctly on operating systems with incomplete complex script support.

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              FerozK Level 1

              I tried the same Tahoma font with "WORLD READY COMPOSER" and it worked. Now the font appears as the way it should.

              Thanks a ton..!!

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                FerozK Level 1

                Setting "WORLD READY COMPOSER" worked. Now the font appears as expected. Thanks a lot..!!

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                  FerozK Level 1



                  Thanks for earlier replies.


                  The earlier problem in displaying vowels got resolved.

                  We found another issue when applying Adobe World Ready Composer for Tahoma font. Now the Numeric digits are getting displayed in Thai language as given in the image below.


                  The text which we got:


                  When we remove the composer we get the text as given below. But the other special characters (vowels) displayed are incorrect.



                  Please suggest if there is any solution for this problem.

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                    [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                    Do they also revert back to regular if you assign "English" as language to just the digits? If so, you can add a GREP style for this.

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                      Joel Cherney Level 5

                      One of my generic tricks here is to figure out whether the numeral is being displayed as it was keyed, or if a language setting is interfering. The way I do that (in languages where we use more than one numeral set, like Arabic/Farsi/Urdu) is I highlight a number with the Text tool and then go to the Glyphs menu, where it's supposed to be highlighted. I can then see whether InDesign thinks its Unicode identity is DIGIT FIVE or ARABIC-INDIC DIGIT FIVE or EXTENDED ARABIC-INDIC DIGIT FIVE or whatever by mousing over the highlighted glyph and waiting for the mouseover popup.


                      You said you're using CS5 Server, which I've never even seen, so I don't know if I can reasonably suggest that you try that, or that you give the World Tools plugin a try. But being able to define digit display in a character style or with local formatting is pretty useful when setting complex-script type in ID. Because I'm a happy World Tools user of the desktop edition of ID, I don't know exactly what to suggest beyond Jongware's question. To go a step further, I guess you could make a GREP style that assigned a character style in a font that doesn't have Thai support, or some other similar dirty workaround.