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    A few Questions about Interactive PDFs and Formats to Export Animations in

    SimonLaughton Level 1

      Hi folks


      As per my previous ramblings I have just go CS5.5 and am very interested in the animation and interactive documents side of things.


      I've created a document as a test which has a video (mp4) and a slide show (using buttons for previous stage and next stage of images stacked).


      I can export it as an swf file all perfectly, but the first few people I've sent it to dont have flash player.  I thought most people would be able to open it but it seems not.  Is there a better format to export to?


      I have tried exporting as an interactive pdf but my button slide show doesnt work then.  I can't quite see the interaction element of an interactive pdf other than being able to put in a video (which I havent tried yet).  Im sure someone can enlighten me!


      Any help?  Are swf's meant mainly for websites where people can view that way rather than being emailed?