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    Font property only carried over on import with a default character style, why and how?

    Roel Van de Water

      Hi all,



      We are facing the strangest of problems in InDesign CS5 (7.0.4).

      We have a wordfile containing regular text with some inline Chinese characters set in the SimSun font (TrueType font).

      For our InDesign templates we usually choose to have no default paragraph or character styles (click outside the text frames and set wstyle to [None]).


      When placing the Word file in a new document all text imports fine but we loose the font property of the Chinese text, it appears as the infamous pink squares.

      However, when a default character style is set before placing, the Chinese text shows up fine in the SimSun font!


      We find this rather stunning and have no idea what triggers this behaviour or how we can avoid loosing the SimSun font property without haveing to use a default character style.

      When using the default style all paragraphs that start on the first page inherit this style and eventhough you can set the style properties to all underlying paragraph properties this is really a pollution of our clean InDesign files.


      Any insights are welcome!!


      Regards, Roel.