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    Best method to "pad" a tilelist to display data and access a secondary dataprovider

      Thanks in advance for reading my post.

      I am using a tilelist to produce a (10x7) grid of boxes with unique, customizable data (see the itemrenderer code attached). Each box must be located in the same grid space (x, y) each time the user views the application and I would like to display all 70 boxes even if they have empty data. The only way I can think of to do this correctly is to pad my dataprovider query with empty data on the boxes that do not have any information just so they will generate in the tilelist. My only problem with this (besides being an overall bad way to write code) is that I can easily append the query with the additional rows but then I have to sort it to get it in the correct order.

      This just seems overkill to me and I'm sure there is a way easier solution.

      I also have a second issue with accessing a secondary dataprovider in my itemrenderer component:

      At the bottom of my attached itemrenderer code I have a set of images that link to a another view. This data needs to come from another dataprovider but I can not get the sub-tilelist to use a seconday dataprovider when I define it in the original itemrender sub-box tilelist. I tried using the outterdocument method to reference the secondary dataprovider but had no luck. Any suggestions with this.