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    Problem with printed product, could be InDesign problem?


      I'm going to try and explain this clearly and as best as I can. If I need to upload pictures or find out certain InDesign / Printer settings I can find those out, it's my very first year as a designer and some things are still new to me.


      So I have a real estate ad, it's a double truck, very large ad with the majority of the ad being yellow filled with 30 CMYK images and a big block of black at the bottom.

      The problem is the big block of black at the bottom. Here at the newspaper I work for we send all of the files at .TIF files to print due to the composing room using older machines & software to put the paper together (they use Quark 6 & 8 and are on Panther systems, me personally I'm using InDesign CS5.5 & Lion).


      My art director and I reviewed the ad today and everything seemed normal about the ad, it was printed at the right DPI, the color space was CMYK. When we looked into the channels in Photoshop there was one thing we saw and that was Magenta was printing (overprinting I assume, I don't want to use the wrong terminology) in the black area in the ad.


      This is where I need help figuring out the problem.


      Is this an InDesign problem? For the black color I used the 'Black' swatch in the swatches panel. I did have the black preview in my preferences set to view all & display all as rich blacks, only to find out by searching this forum that only is good when using RGB color.


      Could it be something on the print production end of where I work? All of the other ads that contained black printed very dark, rich and beautifully. The ads in our normal ROP that use black print consistent both CMYK & Grayscale ads.


      Can this problem be fixed in Adobe Acrobat? I have the latest version of Acrobat which I know is a very powerful tool. Could these kinds of problems be fixed using Acrobat? If so, any explanation could help.


      Once again if I need to supply any files, versions, previews, pictures of what happened, anything I will get them to anybody willing to help. All help is fully appreciated and embraced. I'm still trying to understand and get the learning curve about problems like this as a young designer, so if these problems happen I can explain to the sales reps, clients & my upper management what happened and how these bumps in the road can be fixed.


      Thank You Much!