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    Photos to DVDs at 1980 x 1080

    Peter Burt Level 1

      I bought the Master Collection to produce my photos stories in better than 720 x 480! So far, I have not succeeded. Please help.

      I have been doing these presentations for years, but producing a quality DVD for a client has evaded me.


      My images start as 12 MB Raw, and I have processed them in every conceivable way, and size. I still get a 720 x 480.

      Yes, I bought better quality DVDs, and now I am thinking I need a better DVD burner.


      I love being able to add captions, music, and credits. So far the best quality is when I make a disk containing a web site containing the movie, both .mov and .wav.

      The movie files are much too large for a website. Downloading a 500mb files is a bit time consuming for my clients.


      My goal is a quality DVD to be played in a DVD player!


      I am beginning to think it is not possible. Please help!