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    Merging InDesign 5.0 documents

    Alex Hammerstein

      Hi I have three InDesign files from which I would like to create a single ID file.

      I cant see how to do this


      Could some kind person advise me please




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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          Create a new doucment (just for safety's sake), save it and leave it open. Open each of your other doucments, and in the Pages pallet, select all pages and choose Move Pages. Choose your new document from the Move To drop-down menu. You can where in the new document you want your pages to go.

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            Alex Hammerstein Level 1

            Thanks very much for the info



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              It has been a long time since anyone looked at this thread I presume, but it worked great except for it designated a page as a master page where it really shouldn't be a master - do you know how to override this? It's because it decided it was a page 1 again, but for some reason it only happened once when I moved several pages together. Thanks!

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Rename the master page in the new doc BEFORE you move your pages to some name that is not in use inthe other file(s), then whn you move your pages the master pages will come along for the ride.


                When you move things from dodumetn to document any styles, swatches, master pages, etc. that have names will be controlled by the recieving document and if that document has similar items with the same names, the definitions attached to those names in the receiving document will prevail.


                And don't forget to delete the extra blank page that was in the new file before you moved your pages.