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    Adobe Acrobat X SCCM Install Issue




      We are having an issue with installing Adobe Acrobat X (both Standard and Pro) using SCCM. The issue seems to be occurring only on system with previously installed versions of Adobe Acrobat. Specifically Acrobat 8 Standard. So far we've test on both Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Enterprise. Both OS's with Adobe Acrobat installed have failed and both OS's without it installed have succeeded.


      As far as SCCM is concerned, the software distribution package and advertisement are being deployed OK. We get the notification of software needing to be installed and the install kicks off, but it fails. We get the error in the Apps logs below:


      Source: MsiInstaller

      EventID: 11708

      Info: Product: Adobe Acrobat X Standard - English, Français, Deutsch -- Installation operation failed.


      The installer is compiled to use Admin rights, remove previously installed version, silent install, and to supress restart.


      Is there any known issue with pushing Adobe Acrobat X installs using SCCM to workstations with perviously installed versions or anything? Or is there any install log file that's created I could look at?


      Any info would be great! Thanks!