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    Glossary tab not appearing in RoboHelp9


      Yes, I have read the other posts on this topic, but am still having the problem.


      I have a RoboHelp project, with a glossary, that I've published to several layouts.  The glossary appears in the web layouts (but, for some reason does not work in Chrome), AIR, and even in the printed documentation.  In MS HTML Help, however, I don't even get a glossary tab.  I have RoboHelp 9 installed, and I've manually re-registered HHActiveX.dll.  In the MS HTML Help layout properties, I've selected both <Default Glossary>, and the project name (the only other option provided).  Either way - no glossary.


      I've triex everything I've read, but still don't even get the tab.  What am I missing?



      RoboHelp 9

      Windows XP Pro, 32-bit