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    Broad Question - Horizontal Scrolling Slideshow with Still Images


      Hi everyone,

      I have to make a horizontal scrolling slideshow using many images of different filetypes, sizes and DPI in Premiere Pro CS5.5.  I have tried a few different methods but each has its own problems:


      1. Arrange still images horizontally in the timeline, adjacent to eachother, and apply a custom Push video transition between each one.  This is a consistent method that doesnt require much work but it's tough to control the amount of whitespace between the images, especially when the images are all different proportions.


      2. Arrange still images both horizontally and vertically in the timeline, so that there is no white space between the images (the images overlap across multiple video lanes).  Then, set up motion fx for the position of the image for each clip.  This is tedious and I have to make every clip the same size and make sure the distance each clip travels (in the motion fx) is the same. So for instance, I have to set the starting key to 1200 on the x-axis, and the ending key to -300, for every single image (tedious when there are many).  Another problem with this is that it becomes very difficult to change the duration of the motion fx once ive set it up for many.


      3. To have an easier time composing the arrangement of images, I just make a single giant image by laying out dozens of photos in InDesign, then export a very wide jpeg.  The great thing about this is it's fast, easy, and the composition is exactly how i want it.  The bad thing is that premiere doesn't handle many megapixel images well, and furthermore the image quality is horrific compared to the quality of importing individual images. 


      The biggest problem with all of these is the image quality (extremely poor compared to viewing the source images on their own) and the animation smoothness (all three methods produce very jittery and erratic videos).  The biggest question I have is: should I even be doing a slideshow in Premiere?  Can someone recommend a better application I should be using for something like this?  Do i have to learn Flash?  I am not trying to make an interactive thing, just a video/animation where I hit play and dozens of images scroll horizontally, at the same speed, with a lot of control over the scaling of the images and their horizontal and vertical arrangement (the amount of whitespace between them). 


      Thanks for everyone's time and help!