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    Choppy export video, DNxHD Codec 24fps 1080p

    Infinity Focus Photos

      Hi all,


      having a problem exporting my video.  I've tried a lot of settings, but I'll give a summary:


      in MPEG h.264, the audio keeps getting unsynchronised.  In addition, the credits are flickering pretty badly (I am using a Photoshop file and scrolling it up the screen using position keyframes.)


      I have also tried to export as a Quicktime MOV file, using both YUV uncompressed and DNxHD codecs.  I have been using the downloadable 24fps 1080p project preset found here.  I got the codec software here.  When I export the video, it plays back very choppy in Quicktime 7 player.  Is this just a Windows problem?  Would it play smoothly on a Mac?


      Toshiba Satellite intel core i3 4GB ram editing on a 320 GB internal Hard Drive, backing up on a 1 TB USB 2.0 external drive (editing was actually running smoother when the source files were on internal drive).


      footage from canon rebel t3i 1080p 23.98 fps


      Any help is appreciated.  Thank you