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    Missing topic in PDF




      I am using RH 9.


      I have converted content created in RH 6 or 7 (not sure)


      I have added a topic, it is in the TOC, and generated web output


      I need to create a PDF.  The new topic does NOT appear in the in the PDF TOC or in the body of the PDF


      Is there a fix for this?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

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          The full story about printed documentation is there. The short version is that adding new topics does not automatically add them to the print layout. You can either add them in the layout one by one or clear the existing content and then apply the current content.


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            RoboColum(n) Level 5

            When you use the Printed Documentation single source layout to create the PDF, the second step allows you to select the topic that will be included. You'll probably had the TOC filter set by default. If you change this to a folder, you'll be able to select the topic that isn't in the TOC and add it to the output.


            BTW you may find it easier to create a Word file first and then PDF that.


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              David Hurlston Level 1

              This resurrecting a pretty old topic, but it looks relevant

              I am using RH11, version 4 and attempting to generate a pdf.

              All goes well, except topics that are located off-root do not get included

              For instance the link to the "Amendment Summary" topic is missing.  Its Hyperlink property is ../Amends/Amendment_Summary.htm which is off-root.

              When I get to the the pdf page addressing "Organize the sections of your document using the section layout", and show all topics, I can add the missing topics


              The trouble is I can do this only one topic at a time. No double right arrow. I have already done some on a small project and those links work now.


              This is workable on a small project, but totally unreasonable in the big ones.


              Am I missing an option somewhere?


              Thanks - Dave

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                KimberlyO Level 2

                Are these by chance any "new" topics that weren't previously included on the second screen of the Generate process?  This is a screenshot of the window (RH 10) that I am talking about.  (The window you are talking about would be the third screen of the Generate process, at least in RH 10.) When I'm generating printed documentation after I've added new content, imported or created, I choose the double arrows to remove everything from the Chapter layout window and then choose to move everything in Topics window back to the Chapter layout.  All of my "chapters" are separate folders under the root directory.