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    Won't authorize my Aluratek after computer wipe!


      After months of using my HP netbook to transfer library books to my Aluratek Libre, I was hit with a virus, and had to wipe the netbook.  I reinstalled Adobe Digital Editions, and it somehow recognized my Libre the first time, and did not give me the option of authorizing it!  I have uninstalled/reinstalled ADE multiple times, and wiped any and all ADE-related files off of my Libre, but ADE is still somehow recognizing it each and every time!  If there was some kind of actual MENU on ADE, instead of that incredibily annoying baby-proof interface, maybe I could find a way to re-authorize my Libre, but, of course, there's nothing in the program, nothing on the website, nothing anywhere.


      Wiping my Libre is NOT an option, because I'm not losing hundreds of ebooks just because Adobe Digital Editions is a hateful, hateful program.


      I used to be a fan of Adobe products, but, I'll tell you honestly, I'm so angry, and frustrated about this nonsense.  If you're going to force everyone to use your program, MAKE IT A PROGRAM THAT WORKS!!!!

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          It can be VERY frustrating to have a virus ruin your computer life.  But

          I'd like to point out a couple of things that might help put some

          perspective on your situation and help in resolving it.


          First, ADE keeps small files on your hard drive that identify the devices

          that are attached to it.  If you wiped the netbook where these files

          reside, and did a clean install from the Adobe website, then they 'should'

          be gone.  If you used a backup of ADE, then you will still have those

          files.  Just reinstalling ADE multiple times won't affect the situation.


          Next, you talk about wiping 'any and all files' associated with ADE off

          your Libre.  That didn't work, and I suspect it was because of some files

          located in ADE on your netbook.


          There are a couple of things you might try to do.  First is de-authorizing

          your Libre and re-authorizing it.  There's some instructions on how to do

          that in this blog post (click


          It's the second one down.  Next, re-authorize it, using the instructions in

          the third one down in the same blog post.


          There may be more information you have that could make things more

          complicated, or simpler.  I can't tell from your post.


          C'mon back if you need more!