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    Audition does not playback




      Suddenly audition (5.5 CS built 1815) does not play any tracks anymore. I treid my best but can not find the problem. I removed it and reinstalled the whole product again.


      I can load an mp3, and the waveform is showing up in the editor. When I push the play button in the transportscreen nothing is happening. The markerline doen not move and when I drag it along the waveform manualy there is no sound from my speakers (my soundcard is working, a radiostream works fine).


      One thing that noticed me is that at the lower hand corner, where playing is displayed, there ie a message but it is showing so shortly that I can not read it.


      Can anybody help me wit this.


      Thanks in advance!




      The Netherlands

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          One_L Level 1

          Not sure if this will help, but I'm using Audition for Mac.  Try shutting down Audition, then hold the Shift key down when you open Audition.  It worked for me, but again, I'm on a OSX.


          Cant hurt to try.

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            WerkenFM Level 1

            Hello One_L,


            Thanks for your reply. I found the solution to my problem myself... Had to buy a new pc to find it because it gave the same error on a new one after changing the audio output wires..... It was in the setup routing the correct audio channesl to the output. After that is start playing immediately.