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    Can't Import Video into Audtion 3.0


      I am trying to download video off of youtube and then upload it into Adobe 3.0  I have found two different sites that allow me to do this (keepvid and farkie).  Farkie was the website that allows me to convert youtube vids to wma or avi (since those are compatible formats with Adobe 3.0)  After i downloaded the video, I tried bringing it into an Adobe session and it wouldn't let me!!!  Nothing would happen.  I tried it both with the wma format and the avi format of the youtube video.  Then I tried going to Insert >Video and when I do it gives me this message: "


      "The selected file does not contain video data, is not a supported video file format or the video codec required to open this file was not found."


      By the way, I tried playing these files on Windows Media Player after I downloaded them and then worked fine...I could see video and hear sound.  Why can't I Import this into Adobe 3.0?????


      Please help...