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    Create Movie with Motion guides

      Hello All
      I am currently using action script 2 and I created a fla/swf of an airplane doing a loop along a motion guide. I want to make it into a movie. I go through the process of making it into a movie and test it when I'm done however the plane just flys across the screen and doesn't do the loop. Basically it's not following the motion guide how do I incorporate the motion guide into the movie?

      Thanks All

      these are the steps I am taking to create the movie

      I. Highlight all layers

      II. Edit>>Timeline>>Cut Frames

      III. Insert>>New Symbol>>Create Name>>choose Movie Clip>>OK

      IV. Select First Frame
      Edit>>Timeline>>Paste Frame

      V. Return to Scene 1

      VI. Delete all but one Layer

      VII. Highlight all extra frames except frame 1
      Right click and choose remove Frames

      VIII. Bring out new movie to your stage

      IX. Control>>Test Movie
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          that's not really an actionscript issue so you might get more help in the general forum. but check your movieclip to make sure your layer that contains the motion guide (in your movieclip), is designated as a guide layer.
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            clbeech Level 3
            you have to place the registration point of the new MC 'on' the guideline that you are using - if you pick it up by the little 'circle' it will 'snap' to the end of the line when you get close. then you need to make another keyframe at the amount of time you want this to take and 'move' the MC to the other end of the line (snapping the registration point to the end) if you have a 'complete' circle this also will not work - you have to 'break' the circle so that the line has a beginning and ending point or Flash doesn't know what to do with it :) to do so double click the circle - now select just a small portion of it near the 'end' (and start...) try to select just enough of it so that as it moves to the 'next' keyframe on making a single loop it will look as though it is continuous. there you go.
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              slpsite Level 1
              thanks however the airplane doing a loop works just fine when I play the fla or swf so Everything is snapped into place and works it's just when I try to take the whole thing and make it a movie the guides basically just disappear