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    ADE not recognizing my Nook


      I have been using my nook for about a month and have been downloading from the public library material to in in epub and pdf format.  I just have just downloaded three books to ADE and they now reside in ADE, my problem is my Nook is not shown as connected.  Does anyone have any idea as to what I should do?  I can read the books on my table top, I just can't get ADE to recognize my nook when previously it worked.

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          Does your PC see your Nook?

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            rogermaven Level 1

            only by sound.  Will it be visible when I go my Computer?

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              Jim_Lester Level 4

              If it isn't then ADE won't be able to see your nook.

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                Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                Have you checked your computer to see that your Nook is recognized by it?

                I found out that my computer's USB port was a bit flaky, and the computer

                didn't 'see' my ereader.  When I used a different USB port, it worked just



                Have you updated the Nook's software recently?  An update could screw

                things up....



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                  I am hoping someone can help me. I have done everything everyone has suggested so far, deleted the folders, started ADE after I plugged in my Nook . . . I wanted to be able to support my local indie stores and other indie stores I know around the country. I bought a book from one and cannot get it into a file on my Macbook Air, let alone on my Nook. Am completely baffled. I didn't know I was going to have to stand on my head and whistle "Dixie" to do this.

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                    sjpt Level 4

                    You need to be a contortionist to get Adobe DRM things working once they have gone wrong ~ I don't think standing on your head is enough, even with the whisteling.


                    First: try to get it working on the Macbook.

                    One possibility is that it has got itself into a semi-authorized state.

                    Unplug the Nook (just in case)

                    While in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) Library view, hit cmd-shift-D (for PC users ctrl-shift-D).

                    Restart ADE, and then try to authorize ADE with your AdobeID.


                    See how that goes.  If it doesn't work please report exactly what you have tried so far and exactly how it is failing on the Mac.


                    Then try with the Nook;  If (when?) it doesn't work, again please report back details.

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                      vkb27 Level 1

                      I actually re-installed ADE and authorized my computer with my Adobe idea. Restarted ADE and nothing. I can see the Nook when I go to "Computer" on the left side. I can't drag anything from ADE to the Nook. I can't drag a file to the computer desktop and then, to the Nook. I have tried deleting the excess files on the Nook, and I really don't remember anything else. Everything anyone mentioned in a forum (except for what you just said here), I have tried. Also, I chatted with someone from Nook support this A.M. He wasn't much help either.


                      It almost seems like my Mac isn't even recognizing my Nook.

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                        vkb27 Level 1

                        I do thank you for trying to help me.

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                          This the best script I have found when you can't load a library book on to a NOOK Glowlight when using a Mac:


                          How to transfer eBooks to a NOOK GlowLight Plus


                          The NOOK GlowLight Plus natively supports EPUBs and PDFs. This means you don't need to transfer eBooks through Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) onto your eReader. While you don't need ADE to transfer, you do need ADE to download the eBooks onto your computer before you transfer them.

                          Use the steps below to transfer eBooks to your NOOK GlowLight Plus:

                            1 Authorize your NOOK GlowLight Plus with an Adobe ID (find instructions under "How do I transfer and read Adobe DRM ePub and PDF files?").

                            2 Plug your NOOK GlowLight Plus into your computer using a USB cable.

                            3 Note: If you're using a Mac computer, you'll need to install Android File Transfer so your GlowLight Plus will be recognized by your computer and you can transfer eBooks to it.

                            4 On your Windows or Mac computer, download a borrowed eBook to ADE.

                            5 Right-click the eBook in ADE and click Show File in Explorer (Windows) or Show File in Finder (Mac).

                            6 Drag the eBook file from the folder that opens to the My Files folder of your NOOK. Your NOOK will appear as a removable device in the left-hand side of the Explorer or Finder window.


                            8 Disconnect your NOOK from your computer.

                          You'll find the newly transferred eBook on your NOOK under Library > My Files.


                          Works for me every time.