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    Mac OS X Lion - Cannot Rename Project Files with Search Filter Applied !

    AtonMusic Level 2



      as the header says...


      I wanted to rename 6 Clips of 777 and entered the search string... In my case, GolfBag.


      I wanted to rename them.


      They were spread out between 777 clips so looking for them individually was not viable, so I entered a search string,

      they popped up nicely in the project panel as expected only I could NOT rename them not even by right-clicking them and selecting 'rename' from the context menu.


      I tried saving the project and re-opening it but that did not help.


      I tried creating a new project from scratch to make sure the project had not currupted. But there I found the same problem...


      Could any of you shed some light on this ' I dont think to be interpreted as a feature '