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    Reduced by size module doesn't show Button

      I have compiled module with 'MXMLC' command. Its size is more than 100 K. It contains only one button. when I call this module in main application, it is called perfectly and button is showed on the screen.

      2nd Time:

      Now I want to reduce the size of the module. And for this I do following....

      I have complied the module using 'MXMLC' command using '-link-report' switch. It generates a XML file. Then I use again 'MXMLC' command using '-load-externs' switch.

      All works well, but when I compile and run the same application through FLEX builder, I am unable to view the button [which was seen earlier before reducing the size of module].

      Can some one guide me about the problem.

      Thanks in advance
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          slaingod Level 1
          Flex always has 135k or so that it includes UNLESS you use the Runtime Shared Library support, which may require an additional 500k download for users who have not seen a recent Flex app and already cached it.

          Sounds like you may have gotten rid of the required Flex Application/System Manager, etc. code. Doing a simple button is almost always a better idea to do in Flash (at the cost of owning flash).