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    Transition to wrong state


      I have this FXP that I am working on - to make a long story short, this project has several buttons that do the wrong thing. For example, "Parking" should transition to the Parking State. Instead, it transitions to IT services state. I have the transition for the parking button to a click transition to the parking state. However, it doesn't do what it should. Any advice? This also happens for other buttons/states, such as WaLC (transitions to More), student accounts (transitions to Intl state).

      Here is the FXP: http://db.tt/qfo2FFIN

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          I took a quick look at the project. I think what I am seeing is your buttons that slide up are built incorrectly. In looking at the layers for Step 2, you can see the IT services looks different from the other elements in the thumbnail. This is component was built differently from the others. Also if you look at the layer order, since it's height equal the start and end positions of the animation, that entire region is considered the 'button', and thus the interaction will be triggered. You can reorder the layering of the element for a fast fix, or rebuild that one element.


          Hope this helps,


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            joshualevinson Level 1



            Thank you very much for the reply! You were spot on with your response. I resized the components in the second "step" and all buttons transitioned to the correct state!


            Thanks SO much!