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    FAQ: How do I install my favorite plugins to Photoshop CS6?

    Pete.Green Adobe Employee

      Photoshop has gone through considerable changes through the years and some older plug-ins are no longer compatible with Photoshop CS6.

      Plug-in Compatibility

      In general:


      • 3rd Party plug-ins that are compatible in Photoshop CS5 should be compatible in Photoshop CS6
      • Adobe provided plug-ins, and additional plug-ins, for CS5 are not compatible in Photoshop CS6
        • Photoshop CS5 Optional Plug-Ins (Mac/Win)
        • TWAIN plug-in | Photoshop CS4, CS5
        • OpenEXR Alpha plug-in | Photoshop CS5 Extended



      Installing plug-ins in Photoshop CS6


      • Do:
        • Check the plug-in manufacturer's website for the latest version of your plug-in
        • Use the manufacturer's plug-in installer to install their plug-ins


      • Don't:
        • Do not point Photoshop CS6's "Additional Plug-ins" preference (Preferences>Plug-Ins...) at a previous version of Photoshop's 'Plug-Ins' folder.
        • Do not manually drag plug-ins from a previous version of Photoshop's plug-ins folder to Photoshop CS6's 'Plug-Ins' folder