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    "track" clarification


      Unfortunately, I'm built like a computer with massive amounts of fast ram but with a slow data drive and my power suddenly shut off.


      Long story short, after spending 3 weeks trying to wrap my mind around US copyright laws and the E-sign act, I realized I have forgotten much of the system building information i was studying in dec-january.


      So i found myself re-learning the intrcacies of RAID (by Harrm).. in so doing,  I came across how using multiple tracks will increase the bandwidth needed for read/write operations.


      Are we talking about multi-track like:  2+ layers stacked on top of each other, and a PIP effect going on where 2+ streams are playing at the same time (to which i never do)??  Or it ALSO using multiple track layers, but none are stacked so that two streams play at the same time... for instance track 1 is a wide. next shot is a close on track 2. there are two tracks involved, but none playing concurrentlly, it is essentially the same as using the wide and the close on the same track sequentially, but just on two separate tracks.


      hopefully i made myself clear.