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    How to make volume slider move horizontal instead of vertical?


      I am creating a skinned video player. I am trying to modify the volume bar skin so the control moves horizontal instead of vertical. The volumeBarSkin.mxml file has two buttons inside that refer to two other files. VolumeBarTrackSkin.mxml and VolumeBarThumbSkin.mxml. I have looked everywhere and cannot find the code that controls the direction the button slides. I am now assuming this is controlled by Action Script code, if so How do I get at this code or how do I go about modifying this? Thanks.


      I discovered the same question with answer on this page, but I still need a little help.


      http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2740054/flex-4-how-to-skin-a-spark-volumebar-to-make-it -work-like-a-hslider


      For example: the code on that page calls for grammit.skins.HorizontalVolumeBarTrackSkin.
      I cannot find this in my flex sdk. I can find other HSlider skins, but nothing with the word horizontalvolume.