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    Specifying a List and Number, and then populate Form Fields using the corresponding Database


      Hi guys.  I’m fairly newbie at this, so be easy on me.



      What I’m trying to do is have multiple “Lists” of names and prices that adobe can pull up from a database (I guess?), and then populate the appropriate form fields, using the specified “List” and a selected “Number” which would correspond to a name and price on that specified “List”.



      1. Select List #1

      2. Type in Code 150

                  - (the values need to be typed, for speed reasons)

      3. Name & Price Filled In



      I'm a newbie so I really need a code sample to figure this out!  Thanks!


      Part 2.  This relates to the above, but is much easier to do I think.  So once I have the fields filed in for the name and prices, is it possible to add the values into another field with a Button click?


      Like So: