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    Presets not displaying?


      Hey guys, having a considerable problem here I hope someone can advise me on.


      I've got an up to date installation of CS5 Design Premium, and I'm having trouble with After Effects. I'm not able to get *any* presets to load up at all. I recently installed the Trapcode Suite (Mac), and nothing appears in the presets dropdowns for any of these, or any other AE plugins. I've refreshed, tried saving a new preset to force a refresh, and all that, but so far nothing. I reinstalled AE just in case something was screwed up, and no go. Then I used the Disc Utility to repair any messed up permissions, and still nothing.


      Under the Animation menu, hitting 'Browse Presets' does nothing; no window appears, etc.


      What is the deal here?


      Mac OS X v10.6.8