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    issue with imported style sheets

    Tech Writer KC

      This is the first time for me using an imported style sheet, so I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong.

      I'm a RH7 user working with HTML projects. I imported a .css from another project (one I just created this week) and at first had no problems.

      Now, however, I am getting the following weird activity:

      -The font field on the toolbar blanks out. When I click on it, it opens, but it acts like I'm scrolling up and down with my mouse wheel while flashing continuosly.

      -The font size field stays the same, but when I open it, it too acts like I'm scrolling or mousing up and down very quickly. This is true of the Header drop down ("Heading", "Normal", etc) and the zoom fields as well. Menu options and icons seem to work fine - only the drop down fields displayed on the one RH toolbar seem affected (the line weight (none, solid, etc.) and spacing (1px, 2px, etc.) fields do not seem affected).

      -If I leave these fields alone, the Header will randomly change every couple of seconds, and the font style will do the same, going between blank and the correct font style. A lot of flickering accompanies this.

      -If I take the focus off the RH screen (I have dual monitors), the activity seems to stop (the fields appear to show whatever was put into them at the time it settles down, rather than going back to the correct displays).

      -At the bottom of the RH screen, I get a lot of really quick "Paginating" and "Repaginating" messages. There may be others - the messages are hard to read given how fast they appear and that they too seem affected by a lot of flickering.

      I do not believe this is a hardware issue, as the activity only appears AFTER I apply the imported .css to a topic in the new project. Before that, and with any topics still using a non-imported .css, I am not getting this behavior.

      Any ideas what's going on?