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    Re: Adobe Flash Player Won't Install




      I need some help with flash player - I tried to upgrade as it was crashing on websites, downloaded the latest version, started the installation but when it get's to the final installation screen it just hangs.  After about 10 minutes I close the window and get an Adobe Flash is not responding message and the Close the program or wait for the program to respond.


      I followed the troubleshooting instructions and checked the system requirements - all good

      Turned off kasperskys

      Uninstalled it (think I got all the files but not 100% sure - so maybe that might be an issue) and rebooted


      Tried to reinstall same problem.


      Installed Shockwave plugin - same problem


      I am running Windows 7 on HP Pavilion dv5, 32 bit  and have checked the system requirements and all is ok.


      I am using Firefox 10.0.2


      Any help would be much appreciated


      Thanks in advance