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    Flash Catalyst discontinued?


      So I read on the internet that Flash Catalyst is being discontined? Is this true? I'm literally livid if Adobe, a multi-billion dollar company are dropping programs like this, considering how much time I've put in. And they have the cheek and audacity to advertise Flash Catalyst on their site. Unbelieveable.


      There was an advert for Adobe Captivate on youtube today. "Why not try Adobe Captivate?" was its cheery message at the end. "What have you got to lose?"


      err, how about an entire week of my life trying to work out this new software, only for you lovely gentlemen to discontine it for no reason next month? Stop toying with your customer's respect, and don't advertise discontined products on your site. Literally sickening.


      Turn Flash Catalyst into an html 5 editor or something, or integrate it into Dreamweaver! Don't kill it!

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Yes it is true. It's was announced last November (quietly) during the changes to the Flex SDK and Flash Builder. I was disappointed. I had hoped that we would have seen an update to get the app in sync with the 4.6 release, but alas...


          Unfortunately, FC is built to work with the Flex SDK, so it can't transform itself to an HTML5 tool. Adobe would need to start from square one to develop a HTML5 based FC tool.

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            vsoliver Level 1

            I too am dissapointed that Catalyst has been dropped. I purchased a couple of books to help me on my way and spent some time trying to master this small application. However, there were many limitations with it and some of the important features I wanted were not there. At the end of the day I still have my current version which works and is still usable, so no hard done by feelings from me. I guess I will just have to wade through my 900 page manual on Flash Pro and learn that application.